Dallas Bach Society 2017-18 Gala 35th Anniversary Season

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May Final

May 12, 7:30pm A Special Treat for Mother’s Day Weekend!

 Henry Purcell’s The Fairy Queen in at Northaven United Methodist Church

 A Word from the Stage Director, Catherine Turocy…

Our story of The Fairy Queen consists of various episodes taking place in the fairy world of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Henry Purcell’s music for this piece was written for an adaptation of the play believed to be written by Dryden as a masque.  First performed in 1692, The Fairy Queen was composed three years before Purcell’s death at the age of 35. Following his death, the score was lost and only rediscovered early in the twentieth century.

Purcell did not set any of Shakespeare’s text to music; instead he composed music for short masques in every act but the first. The play itself was also slightly adapted to seventeenth-century dramatic conventions, but the main spoken text is Shakespeare. Recent scholarship has shown that the music ending the masque featuring Hymen, the God of Marriage, was composed for the fifteenth wedding anniversary of William and Mary.

In our operatic adaptation for Dallas, James Richman and I have conjured a unique telling of the story, condensing the work to under two hours in length. The libretto for the sung music tells the magical story of Titania, the fairy queen, and Oberon, the fairy king.

There is something for everyone of any age so bring friends and family and enjoy the dance and song and music!


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